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Veterinary Practice for Sale in Benton County, WA

Growing Revenue, And Plenty of Room for Expansion. This solo small-animal practice enjoyed strong growth in 2016, with gross revenue up nearly 8% in 2017. Currently open only 4 days a week, this practice is ready for significant expansion, with two important factors in play. First, the areas economy is strong and growing, and has been relatively unaffected by economic downturns. The Tri-Cities area along the Snake-Columbia river confluence is agricultural, with irrigated vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, and livestock with an assortment of industrial and government-related activities mixed in, along with several wineries. The towns, which are separated by a few miles, are clean, plain, and simple, with low crime and this hospital has no nearby competition. Second, the facility itself has room for substantial expansion. It is located on the towns main thoroughfare, next to a large, paved city parking lot. The building has +5,850 sq. ft., of which +2,742 sq. ft. is finished and used for the practice. Clients enter a waiting and reception area; there are 2 exam rooms, isolation ward, treatment / prep area, surgery, laboratory, kennel area, doctors office and storage. Recent remodeling includes new laminate flooring and security camera system. The facility is equipped with Abaxis Vetscan HM2 and VS2 blood analyzers, MinXray 300 & Hope developer. The large, unfinished area of the building has storage rooms, an enclosed area with a large sliding door, and a covered open area. This +3,108 sq. ft. provides the option to expand the small-animal practice, create a boarding area or pet hotel, or add large-animal services. The property is zoned to accommodate additional boarding. These two factors a strong economy, and physical room for expansion means that the buyer can take this well-known, established practice and build upon it before the arrival of future competition. With additional hours of operation in this wide-open market, the practice should support additional staff and provide continued growth if you are ready to take on this opportunity, have a fine career and raise a family in a safe, scenic, and prosperous small town. Code: WA1.


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